She doesn't need anybody...

FBI Agent Sara Deckker's father is on the run from the mob. She's been tasked to protect him but after what he did to her as a child, she'd rather let the mob kill him.

Agent Doug Fairbanks thought life would be simpler without working with the woman who snubbed him. Now she's followed him to Richmond and he's her boss. While they work to protect her father and bring down the mob, Doug will initiate a personal assignment: winning Sara's heart.

An interracial romance with a bit of faith weaved in.


The hunt is on...

FBI Agent Maggie Weston has profiled dangerous criminals. Her most challenging case returns to haunt her, and she'll have to prove she has what it takes when the pressure is on.

US Marshal Brandon Worth hunts because he has no other choice. He can't catch the one who destroyed his life five years ago, but he'll stop at nothing to keep Maggie safe from this evil, even if it means opening his heart to a love he can't return.

An interracial romance with a bit of faith weaved in.

Can she escape her captor's heat?

US Marshal Melody Lewis lives her life by one code: no men. On a vacation trip to Dubai, she finds herself in the middle of a desert with no choice but to trust a man who's the key to her survival.

Keeping American lives safe is Agent Ricardo Santiago's main priority. Living life in the field, he doesn't have time for a relationship...until he meets a kidnapped woman who desperately needs his help.

Love isn't always enough...

In three months, Maya Richards gained employment and a fiancé. When a prestigious design firm offers her a better job, her heart is conflicted. Will Jake be like her ex and discourage her career pursuits? Baby Cameron is her number one priority and if this new position is what she needs to succeed, then she'll have to leave Jake behind.

Jake Rivers always dreamed he'd been in this position: a business owner in high demand. Now he wishes he had taken his father's advice and studied business. If work wasn't enough to keep him busy, Maya's soon-to-be-famous ex-husband returns to divert Jake’s focus from his imploding business and his father’s takeover pursuits, to losing Maya, once again, to her first love.


Holiday stories from the beloved Richards Family.


Maya Richards might be divorced and pregnant, but this Thanksgiving will be full of blessings -- if she could just get a job. Jake Rivers has had ten years to prove to Maya he's a man worthy of her love. Hiring Maya may save his business, but can he convince her to love again?


Losing her first patient is a bit more than Joan Richards can take--especially when her patient's handsome grandson blames her for his death and files a complaint with the hospital. When his dying grandfather challenges Garrett Croft to find love, Garrett must decide whether or not he can let go of his grief and open his heart to love.

Merriment. Mistletoe. Making out.

Residency is difficult; especially when the gorgeous grandson of her dead patient is filing an official complaint. Dr. Joan Richards heads home for some much needed merriment.

With a new promotion on the line, Garrett Croft doesn't have time for love. When his grandfather traps him into a double-date with an all too familiar doctor, Garrett must decide whether or not he can let go of his grief and open his heart to love.

This is a 12,000 word sweet romance.

Divorced. Pregnant. Alone.

Her parents were right about Tyrone, but Maya Richards is determined to prove them wrong about her. She might be divorced and pregnant, but this Thanksgiving will be full of blessings  if she could just get a job.

Jake Rivers has had ten years to prove to Maya he’s a man worthy of her love. However, challenging economic times threaten to destroy the company he’s built. Hiring Maya might save his business, but can he convince her to love again?

A prodigal son returns home to discover what is truly important in life: family, freedom, and love. 'From Across the Divide' is a story about lost faith, perseverance, and forbidden love in a racially charged city in 1963 Alabama.

Eric Montgomery, son of a prominent white banker, returns home after a seven-year absence where he's lived a life of debauchery. Grief from the loss of a loved one has shattered his faith in God. His life is lacking, and home may be the only place he can regain a sense of purpose. He is reunited with his best friend from childhood, Elnora (Elie) Brown, the daughter of his father's horse trainer. Elie has grown to be a beautiful woman of color with impenetrable morals and high ideals, but her self-righteous attitude challenges him to find a kink in her armor. Their differences ignite an attraction that Elie must deny for reasons of faith, and Eric must pursue to dull the pain of his past and the shame of his sins.

Racial tension is high in Freeman and Eric isn't prepared for the atrocities of a community divided by the color of skin. An invitation to a local Civil Rights group forces him to reconsider his values and his choices in life. When Elie is attacked, Eric finds his heart turning back to the faith of his youth. Will God finally listen to his prayers? And when Elie witnesses Eric's heart changing, will she accept the prodigal or deny the love that has been in her heart since her days as a young girl? Can their love survive when Elie's parents forbid it?

Audrey Hughes hasn't heard from her sister Penny in years, but when she receives a letter from her former drug-addicted sister that someone is going to kill her, Audrey believes her sister is being dramatic--until she discovers Penny is dead, and she's left behind a son Audrey never knew existed.

It's his fault she's dead. Lana was his source, his responsibility. US Marshal Alejandro Santiago vows to avenge her killer, a drug trafficker who is the key to finding a dangerous fugitive. One problem: Lana's beautiful sister Audrey and her nephew have just become targets. Can he protect them both without his emotions compromising the mission? What will happen when Audrey learns the truth of his involvement in her sister's death?

An interracial romantic suspense with a bit of faith weaved in.

The last time Detective Genie Green let a man humiliate her was her college sweetheart—never again. Yet, when former high school lothario Rafael Santiago returns to town as the consulting detective on her case, Genie’s rule of never allowing another man to best her is challenged. Can she trust him long enough to solve this case and get the glory?

Rafa can’t seem to outrun his delinquent past. When The Snakes, a criminal organization he used to belong to, begin murdering people from his hometown, he has a chance to right some of his past wrongs. Will arresting the murderers be enough to redeem him, or will a certain beautiful detective pay the ultimate price instead?

A Christian interracial romantic suspense.


“Wow. You know, you have a real talent with women.”

Rafa gave her a sideways glance but didn’t answer. She saw the corners of his mouth fight an upward pull.

“I bet they have you working all the female subject interviews.” Genie tugged hard on the door handle.

“You don’t have to be jealous Genie,” came his smooth reply.

She. Wasn’t. Jealous.

Jealousy was an emotion for the weak...for a girl who couldn’t keep her man interested in her. Sure, plenty of women fell all over Jeff. He was classically handsome, a jock, and destined to follow in his parent’s footsteps and be a doctor or a high-powered attorney. Genie’s parents were middle-class, not poor, but not rich. She was considered pretty but not the stunner that should have been on Jeff’s arm. But Jeff chose her. She had no reason to be jealous, but she was. Those women who fell all over Jeff? He fell all over them, too. Wherever smoke rose, fire always followed. Always.

Re-release in June 2014!!!

Marked by the Mob (Virginia Justice Book Two)

FBI Agent Sara Deckker returns to the home she abandoned more than ten years ago, at the request of her father -- a man she loathes. Dying of cancer, Jim Deckker is on the run from a criminal family who wants his testimony silenced. Knowing he has little time left, he wants to reconcile with the daughter he failed to protect, in hopes of being forgiven. 

Agent Douglas Fairbanks is the son of a criminal. Fighting for respect his whole life, Doug is now the lead agent on a case where the crimes are not unlike those committed by his father. This is his chance to prove he's a man of integrity and gain the respect he feels he deserves. Protecting Jim Deckker means being in close contact with the one woman who never gave him a chance. The Deckkers hold a terrible family secret--learning it could shatter everything.

A Christian interracial romantic suspense.


"If they saw us go over the edge, they may see an opportunity to finish us off. Or they may think we're good as dead and keep going." 

She closed her eyes, putting a hand to her head. "Did you get a good look at them? Oh!" she exclaimed, her eyes shot open after landing flush against his chest. 

Doug held Sara close to steady her while heat shot through his entire body. Her face softened as her eyes remained glued to his. The earlier flush in her cheeks returned and a soft pink traveled to her hairline and down her neck. She was warm too. 

Doug answered her question with a slow shake of his head. He broke eye contact and focused on her lips. She had a small, yet curvy mouth -- a breath away. The overwhelming urge to kiss her was back and in an overturned vehicle on the side of a wooded hill, with windows shot out by a couple of thugs, they both stood alive and reasonably well and he wanted nothing more than to feel her lips -- if only once. 

He forced his eyes up. Hers were filled with fear -- true fear, and it stunned him. What was she afraid of? Other than his sister, Sara was the most confident woman he'd ever known. Nothing seemed to shake her and her walls were formidable, impenetrable. But here she was, wrapped in his arms, pink from a lovely blush, her eyes wide with the knowledge of his thoughts. 

Doug weighed his options. If he kissed her -- well, they'd both enjoy it. If he didn't kiss her, he might never have another chance and then he'd regret the missed opportunity for the rest of his life. Doug swallowed. Sara neither tried to escape nor voiced her dissent. Did she want the kiss? She needed to be kissed. He could wipe away all of that pent-up frustration and anger-- 

"I hear sirens," she whispered, still making no move to retreat from his embrace. 

Doug forced his ears to concentrate on any sound other than the beat of his own heart. Sirens. It was now or never. He licked his lips. 

Re-release in May 2014!!!

Virginia Justice Book One: Serial Games 

FBI profiler Maggie Weston has a reputation for identifying the most gruesome of killers. But her reputation is put on the line when US Marshal Brandon Worth walks into her office with news the one case that haunted her the most, John Michael Burrows, has escaped federal custody. Brandon needs her help; she understands how Burrows thinks and the best tracker on the east coast isn't about to pass up her expertise. Maggie and Brandon have to work together to catch a serial murderer and the closer they get to Burrows, the more their hearts become involved. While insecurities and bitterness threaten a budding relationship between Maggie and Brandon, an elusive killer terrorizes a small Virginia county with a game he plans on winning. 


Maggie's eyes slowly traveled the width of the elevator door until they found Brandon's reflection in the mirrored panels lining the inside of the car. Broad shoulders rippled down to muscular biceps that contracted with the force he used to grip the rail behind him.

She needed to assert herself now.

"I'm going to go over some of the documentation the district attorney's office faxed us to see if I might be able to find the missing link enabling Burrows to escape custody."

Brandon's eyes narrowed. Obviously business wasn't what he wanted to hear, and how easily he could read her discomfort troubled her. He had an uncanny knack for interpreting her body language. What did that mean? Whatever it meant, she didn't have the time to analyze it now. She straightened her shoulders. "Knowing who helped him escape can perhaps shed some light on his next move."

Brandon's level stare remained.

Ok, he's not buying it. Regardless, I refuse to fall...

"Do you forgive me?"

"What?" The question about forgiveness startled her. He had apologized but she wasn't interested in discussing it. All she wanted to do was wash the smoke out of her hair and crash. It was going on midnight... or past it; she had lost track of time.

In one stride he was in front of her, one arm around her waist, the other guiding her chin up. His lips were warm and smooth as they glided over hers. He pulled back and disappointment filled Maggie at the loss of his heat. She stared into the dark thunderstorm whirling in his eyes.

"Do you forgive me?" His hoarse voice rumbled through to her inner core.

The elevator bell chimed. Startled, Maggie nearly jumped at the ring. She turned to the console. Her numbered floor illuminated.

"Saved by the bell." He released her.

Maggie couldn't resist looking at him. His eyes were veiled but the confident smirk returned. As the elevator doors opened, Maggie wondered who would be the more difficult challenge to overcome: Burrows or Brandon?